We Love: The West Movement


Functional fitness meets mindfulness. The West Movement is a new wellness centre offering more than your typical gym experience.

The West Movement encourages sustainable health and fitness by providing a diverse range of classes focusing on cardio, strength conditioning and agility, as well as holistic modules including yoga, meditation and assisted stretching.

Founder and qualified personal trainer, David Saleh, has over 7 years experience in the fitness industry and understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

David Saleh says, “The West Movement is about more than just fitness, we pride ourselves on creating and retaining a positive mindset, which is just as important as training your muscles.

“We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, but it’s our mission to help you overcome these hurdles,” says David Saleh.

We love The West Movement because the trainers take your fitness goals seriously and members have access to experienced in-house sports nutritionists, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioners, strength and conditioning coaches and massage therapists.

David Saleh says, “This is what truly sets The West Movement apart from the rest – we incorporate an instructed warm up and cool down in our classes to avoid injury, and implement unique motivational techniques to create a greater sense of energy.

“During every class, we watch over our members to make sure they’re executing all movements correctly. We also have the knowledge to help you through minor injuries, muscle soreness, diet concerns and more, to benefit your overall health,” says David Saleh.

Within The West Movement, is Stretch Arcadia, a tranquil room where members are provided with an assisted stretching service to relax the body and soul while easing the mind.

“With sessions ranging from fifteen minutes to an hour, Stretch Arcadia specialists use a range of static, passive and isometric stretches to relieve tension and increase flexibility. Or, if you simply want to master the splits, Stretch Arcadia is for you!” says David Saleh.

The West Movement’s tailored fitness classes use simple colour systems to distinguish the working sets and rest sets, so new members can follow along easily. Heart rate monitors are also available for use during each class, to keep you motivated!

Get your 7-day free trial at www.thewestmovement.com.au.

Images via The West Movement & Pinterest.

Until next time.

Alyce x

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